Bathroom Tiles Design


bathroom tiles design is not so simple anymore because of the different designs of shape, color, and texture. early, most people used tiles for other benefits than decoration as resistance to water as well durability and low maintenance, now, tiles’ aesthetic impact is as important as function so manufacturers became think more about providing really unique styles for homeowners.

bathroom tiles design and material


There are different types of bathroom tiles design and material so we have to be aware, now will talk about  materials and their pros and cons.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain is more expensive than other clay tiles but is the most durable.

Porcelain tiles suited to bathroom floors and other heavy usage areas.

also, porcelain design is the most flexible, it have a range of colours, sizes, finishes and styles

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are made of the same porcelain ‘s material but it is less finely ground.

Ceramic tiles aren’t  durable so you can’t use it in bathroom floors and other heavy usage areas.

as porcelain design, it is flexible, it have a range of colours, sizes, finishes and styles

Marble tiles

Marble tiles are the most timeless bathroom tiles design, also it has beauty designs as Calacatta.

but Marble isn’t durable, it is a very soft stone, only Marble closer to Italy or Greece is more durable than others.

Marble is absorbent  so it isn’t good for wet areas like floors, it is not ideal at all. 

Also Marble  has an iron content it may discolour and be rusted, it suited for a less humid environment.

Limestone tiles

Limestone tiles are quite porous so you have to seal it extremely well to use it in a bathroom.

Limestone tiles are the best for a soft natural look.


Vinyl is one of the cheapest tiles and it is very practical and  it’s super easy to clean.

It is perfect for kid areas of the house because they won’t crack.

The cost of installing Vinyl is less than porcelain or ceramics but Vinyl havn’t the beautiful finish.

bathroom tiles design and shapes


remodeling your bathroom is not so simple because of different shapes and sizes.

so, we will show some new designs and ideas to help you to remodel your bathroom:

Graphic Tile Patterns

Graphic Patterns is perfect accent bathroom tiles design, it is fitting the floor and the wall.

 This tiles design has soft subtle hues and bold contrasting colors will capture your heart.

Neutral Tiles

new designs became highly dependent on neutral colours, in 2020 there are some colours such as  blue, red and yellow not commonplace in bathroom tiles design.

homeowners prefer to use neutrals and especially nude neutrals like grey and creams.

 So much so, a new color has emerged, the name of the new color is Greige you can look for.

Hexagon tiles

Nowadays we see Hexagon tiles everywhere in different shapes and sizes. Hexagon tiles look great, particularly with beautiful bold colours.

If you like to share any renovation ideas for your bathroom, please comment below.

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