Kitchen Design Tips


kitchen design Today is very important, becouse it is a high activity area of the house. We have to say kitchens are often the heart of the home. 

so you need to think deaply about kitchen design so that it’s both beautiful and highly functional, we will help you Knowing what’s involved in the process.

How to Design a Kitchen


Here are kitchen design steps to consider in creating a meaningful space to be the hub of your modern home.

Step 1 – Pick fitting Kitchen Cabinet to your needs

Most manufacturers provide Cabinet in various sizes, you should choose the size that fits your kitchen space.

Even if you’re thinking about getting a bespoke kitchen, connect with a maker. There is some maker work in any standard sizes.

 I’m always encouraging you to think about how you want a space to function.

Step 2 – Create a Plan for the Floor and the Wall

Now you need a plan for your kitchen space – the floor space and the wall.

you need to take the right measurement for floor dimensions, windows, niches, doors, where the water pipes come up from the floor.

Step 3 – Plan Your Kitchen’s Outline

always the shape of your kitchen may be really obvious like:

  • Kitchens with islands
  • G shaped kitchen
  • L shaped kitchen
  • U shaped kitchen
  • Galley kitchen

Kitchen’s Outline Planning will help you to decide where to place your kitchen parts such as wall cabinets, the base cabinets, tables and appliances and fixtures.

Step 4 – Electrical

If you have a microwave, an appliance garage or a TV  in your kitchen, you should think carefully to have the best position for outlets.

so, it is important to Plan the electrical points  for your kitchen.

Step 5 – think about Possible activities you may do in the kitchen

There are many activities that may happen in your kitchen related to food, so you have to think about the spaces surrounding it.

Also, it is important to choose the fitting kitchen lighting design and the Storage place.

kitchen design tips


Here are some kitchen design tips to consider in creating a meaningful space to be the hub of your modern home.

save wasted steps in your kitchen design

Think about your kitchen’s items, you should know how and where to Store such as:

Store breakfast foods near the breakfast table, in addition to Keep plastic containers and wraps near wrapping leftovers and put dishware near the dishwasher.

 wide walkways

the kitchen’s Paths should be at least 36 inches wide at least, but Paths throughout the cooking zone  should be 42 inches wide at least.

Direct traffic areas

If you have kids, you should keep the cook out of kids’ traffic areas.

Also, you should put the refrigerator near the kitchen and passersby and clean up areas.

Stay clear of corners.

you should plan swing direction To make appliance doors in the best place for fully functional in your kitchen design.

so you have to Keep cabinet away from corners, also you should ensure if doors open at the same time, it won’t bang into each other.

If you like to share any ideas for kitchen design, please comment below.

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