Living Room Design Inspiration For Modern Room


today we will help you through living room design inspiration, because you spend much time in it, it must look awesome,  functional and comfortable at the same time. so we rounded up some tips and steps to inspire your unique  decorating. Whether you prefer modern and formal spaces or  rustic environments, Keep reading to see how to decorate your living room.

living room design inspiration- tips and tricks


we do everything in living rooms, so it must be beautiful, Here some tips and tricks to design unique living rooms

living room design inspiration- Plan your living room

The first tip of living room design inspiration is planning your room, you should think about what you will do in this room and what you need to buy.

remember your living room will host many kinds of activities,so you have to think about some question such as:

How many laptops your family has, how many seats will you need.

living room design inspiration- Designing Your Space

Walls color

If you prefer a truly modern living room, you should Paint walls a neutral color.

For example you can paint it  a white, cream, or beige also grey or slate.

remember to lay down cloth on floors to protect it during painting.

curtains, lamps, and vases color

choose 2 colors for styling your space. make 1 light color for the wall ( background ) and  the same color darker hue for decorative items such as vases and curtains.

you can make your touch through adding your favorite color to your space.

For example you can use lavender and purple.

living room design inspiration- Choosing Your Furniture

the couch is the base

The couch is the  first piece you need to buy for your living room, you have to look for a high quality one to stand the test of time.

Also you need to determine the best color family and fabric for your couch, it depends on your family Lifestyle.

for example:  white mohair will be the worst choice if you have children with sticky hands or pets with muddy paws.

you also need 2 tables in as color as your couch. but it needn’t be exact.

choose a simple  coffee table with a glass top and lightweight and you can put books on it.

living room lighting

Most people prefer natural light than lamps, so we should take care of windows  when planning the room’s furniture.

then we should  make sure the lamp’s position is  high and low.

Wall Decor Ideas


you can make a house feel like a home by a few additions, we show you some tricks can amp up your walls, are you ready? , keep reading.

Gallery Wall

The gallery wall helps you to show your guest your personality, you can add art, photo or other ephemera through simple, cohesive frames.

Showcase Fabric

Some housekeepers like those expensive framed paintings but there is an easier choice, A small tapestry will add color and softness to a space.

Oversized Calendar

A large calendar is a nice idea for your living room, especially bright and bold calendars, this will make the wall modern and add a pop of color.

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